I started this business by accident. 

I’d just got back from South America. I had $40 to my name and the email of a guy who needed a freelance copywriter. I planted the seed and flourished from there. 

And so my scampish ways took me on this wild and wonderful trajectory of getting my shit together. Er, I mean, personal growth

A story of growth

I work with brands that make my heart flutter. That’s why I want to get to know you really well as we work together.

Our relationship doesn’t start with an email and end with an invoice.

I’ll check back every so often to see how you’re going. It’s this personal touch that helps your brand grow with sustain and substance. 

these words get personal

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i'm cat mclean



plant lady

In 2014, I started as a Multipurpose Marketing-y Creative Humanoid at an organic food company. I then spent a few years copywriting for tertiary education and the arts.  

In 2018, I shifted to freelance. Hey, why work in an office for some man in a suit when I could work wherever I want for… many men in suits? 

Just joking. In reality, 80% of my clients are ladies. 17% are dudes in flannel. 3% are axolotls with thumbs.

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