Copywriting strategy workshops: My process -


Copywriting strategy workshops: My process

Curious about how I run my copywriting strategy workshops?

I do things a little differently.

Most writers take this approach: Light research > strategy workshop > in-depth research > research and creative direction call > creative development > presentation call > revisions > handover

That’s a lot of unnecessary time, money and stress.

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This is my approach: I do in-depth research and creative brainstorming first.

That way, when I get into the strategy workshop, I’m ready to present my research and a bunch of fact-based creative ideas to you.

That way, we have some scaffolding and constraints (big fan) to develop the creative together in way that balances rationality with emotional connection. <<< Biggest obstacle of copywriting.

That way, you’re involved in the creative development phase. So by the time we get to the presentation phase, nothing will be a complete surprise to you. You’ll understand how and why the decisions were made. And that means the amount of revisions will be miniscule.

And yep, you guessed it. By taking this approach to the copywriting strategy workshop, it makes the whole copywriting process so much more cost and time effective.

Ready to give your brand new life with strategic copy sans the boring and the buzzwords? Let’s hop on a discovery call and I’ll show you how.

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