Does your brand voice speak to your ideal customer? -


Does your brand voice speak to your ideal customer?

How do you know if your brand voice isn’t working? Well, think about those people you lurk on social media all the time. You really want to work with them but it just never seems to happen.

It could be that your brand voice doesn’t align with what your ideal customer is looking for.

How do you fix that? It takes a lot of research, brainstorming, creativity and a big dash of trial and error. But here’s an idea to get you started:

Create an ideal customer mood board

Put together a mood board that would get your ideal customer all-starry eyed. I give you full permission to lurk the shit out of your ideal audience. Find out what they like, where they hang out, and who they aspire to be.

You can do that by going over to their social media pages and gathering up imagery, quotes, memes, events, experiences, movies, music, brands, celebrities — all that human-making stuff.

You don’t have to get too fancy with the tool you use to mood board. You can make a Pinterest board, a card in Notion or you can just whack it all into a Google Doc. Whatever works best for you.

Get examples of how they speak

While you’re there, get some actual examples of how they talk by collecting their captions and comments. Hint: Your brand voice should reflect the way your customers talks.

Look for patterns and make a list of themes

Once you’ve put a mood board together, sift through it all and look for patterns. You’ll probably see some repeated words and their synonyms, aesthetics, colours, references and genres.

You might want to repeat this exercise a couple of times over a few days. Sometimes you need some time to sleep on your ideas and the things you notice.

Once you’ve got a list happening, narrow it down to about five to six overarching themes that you can turn into brand voice characteristics.

Narrow it down

You should use those themes to answer three of the most important questions in brand building:

  1. How does you ideal customer want you to talk?
  2. How does your ideal customer want you to look?
  3. How does your ideal customer want you to make them feel?

That should give you a good base to start developing more customer-focused brand voice and content.

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