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How to give feedback to a copywriter

It’s time to give feedback to the copywriter you’ve been working with. Aaaand you’ve stopped dead in your tracks. How the hell do you even give feedback that’s actually, well, useful?

When you give feedback to a copywriter, respond, rather than react. It’s normal to feel a lot of emotional attachment to your brand. But it’s important to maintain a rational and logical approach in the feedback phase.

Here’s how to do that:

1. Read the copy, look at the design, or watch the video (or whatever else it is) TWICE through before making notes.
2. In my case, I provide a Loom video where I walk you through the copy. Watch that to hear about why and how I made certain decisions.
3. Now you can make the notes. And that brings me on to my next point…

Don’t be a Negative Nancy.

You should give balanced (good and bad) feedback to your copywriter. It’s easy to fall into the ideas that ‘feedback’ means ‘things that need to change’. That makes us zoom in on the stuff we don’t like and we forget to tell the poor creative what we like and love. This has nothing (much) to do with preserving the creative’s feelings. It’s that this approach can make a writer feel directionless.

How to give feedback to a copywriter: A yellow sign in a quiet street. It has an arrow that points right to 'awesome' and left to 'less awesome'.

Don’t like something? Here’s what to do:

Don’t get me wrong, you don’t have to blow smoke up a copywriter’s bum. When you want to request changes, ask yourself why you don’t like something. Is the information inaccurate? Not the right tone? Highlight what you don’t like and leave a brief yet specific comment that tells them what exactly you don’t like and why.

Super love something?

Highlight it in a different colour and leave a comment about why you love it. The copywriting deities will smile upon you.

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