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Lost your mojo? Realign your brand with purpose

Confession time.

I diluted myself.

It’s easy to do as a copywriter because we switch between so many voices every day.

You’ve got to guard your own identity. But I didn’t.

I’ve always been the funny one. But I let myself and my brand go beige and oh-so-earnest.

It went against the reason I specialised in copywriting for brands with purpose in the first place; To prove you can do good business without being boring or preachy AF.

Find out more about that here.

So, things are changing around here. I’m going back to my roots, back to being a brand with purpose.

Primo time to reintroduce myself and my 1994 face, non? Trust me, it’s much cuter than the 8-months-into-iso face I have now.

Bald-headed, chubby-cheeked, baby Cat sitting on green grass in front of red, pink and yellow begonias. She's wearing an off-brand pink and frilly dress.

So. Hi. Hello. I’m Cat. Conscious copywriter and brand builder. I write ethical copy that’s human-friendly and comes with a BIG dash of sass. Why? Because people come before profits (literally).

Who do I work with?

Are you a purpose-led or conscious business (in other words, do you make good things happen)? We’re a match. Triple points if you’re in the circular economy.

If you’ve lost your brand voice and mojo too, it’s probably that your values don’t match with your business right now. Good news: It’s easy to get back on track and realign your brand with purpose.

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